Journal – Day 235

Burnt out from work. Just completed a huge item off my workload till the end of the year. Still have allot to do still but I can go into cruise control for the remaining year. Just went home and took a long nap. My eyes are sore with a slight headache.

⛅ 76°F – 53°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 234

What a wet day. Rained in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon. Went to my kid’s school to meet this year teacher. He is very excited to go back to school and see all of his friends. Going to miss the guy when he is in school.

🌧️ 74°F – 55°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 233

Enjoyed listening to the rain while working. Luckily I didn’t have to go out of the office today. Slight humidity in the air. Went to Fry’s Electronics to pick up a small keyboard. Store seemed empty. Hope all is well with the company.

🌧️ 83°F – 57°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 232

Had a productive day. Spent the afternoon running around with the kids and went swimming in the evening. Still rearranging my life to get more free time with the family and myself.

☀️ 85°F – 54°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 231

Restructuring my whole life. Purging a ton of things I no longer need or use and rescheduling my weekly to-do’s to an earlier time. I have been getting up at 4 am for over a year. Going to do my grocery shopping when the store opens. Should save time.

⛅ 78°F – 57°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 230

Took a break from cleaning and went to the park. Enjoyed food and drinks with family and friends. Nice day to be out of the house. Took a nap then watched some TV to end the day. Tomorrow I’m going to finish cleaning the kitchen.

🌤️ 78°F – 57°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 229

Started this morning clearing out the kitchen. Went through all to cupboards and got rid of old expired canned foods and spices. Found allot of containers we no long needed. Cleaned out the fridge and freezer.

🌤️ 79°F – 59°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 228

Journal – Day 228

Spent today cleaning the house. Focused on the laundry room to remove things that are no longer used or placed there and never left. Trying to get this place cleared of clutter before fall. Tomorrow the kitchen!

🌤️ 71°F – 60°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 227

Looking at my expenses and trying to plan out my new budget. I’m leaking money and need to seal it off. Closely scrutinizing  the services I pay for and grocery bill right now. Looking for a free blogging site.

☀️ 86°F – 60°F 🙂 | Seattle

Journal – Day 226

Spent the day at the park. A few Seattle parks have water play areas for the kids. Nice place to cool down on a hot day. Looking into reducing my overall spending. Going to close down my blog to save 130 bucks a year. Going to find a free service.

☀️ 87°F – 59°F 🙂 | Seattle